281 Hartland Rd., St. Albans, ME 04971
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Newman Gee with a load of knees
What are Knees?
  The term "knee" refers to a section of a tree where the trunk meets the root. The wood in this section of a tree is called "tension wood" because it grows against the stresses of nature's elements. Because of their great strength, knees are widely used for bracing and structural elements in ships, boats, homes, barns, timber frames and furniture.
Tamarack Knee in the Woods
    We harvest our knees from Tamarack trees (Larix laricina), sometimes known as Eastern Larch. The roots of the Tamarack grow at a right angle to the trunk. We still dig them up by hand, just like they did 100 years ago.

Recently Harvested Knees
These ship knees are stacked in a logging yard in Aroostook County, ME, awaiting shipment to Newman's Knee Farm. We season our knees from one month to four years, depending on thickness.

Resaw Mill for Knees
    This Wood-Mizer mill, equipped with a special sled, allows us to saw the knees lengthwise, pivoting them as the sawblade advances.
Ship Knees
    These large ship knees are destined to become part of a wooden boat.


Uses for Natural Wood Knees
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us open rentals 2014
Learn the history and techniques of working with natural wood knees in these FREE "hands-on" classes at our beautiful "Lucky G" farm in St. Albans, Maine. spy cam for schedule.

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